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What is beautiful about exploring Langkawi Island in Malaysia?

Make your trip to Malaysia breakthrough and new with an experience trip to the beautiful island of Langkawi Malaysia. This is a great tourist destination that anyone who comes to want to return.
If you feel like you want to change the atmosphere and find a true tourist paradise of this country, Langkawi will be the best choice for you. It will welcome you with a truly fun and exciting trip.


Introducing Malaysia's Langkawi Islands

This is the famous archipelago of Malaysia with 99 small islands surrounded. Therefore, this place is truly a discovery paradise that you should not miss. This beautiful island will welcome you with lots of beautiful natural scenery. Because the archipelago is both mountainous and concurrent with the blue sea and white sand, the scenery is very poetic. Just by looking, you cannot take your eyes off here.
This place is also known as Eagle Island and it is located in the northwest of the beautiful country Malaysia. The name comes from the fact that many eagles live here. Therefore, visitors to Langkawi Malaysia will have the opportunity to see this powerful animal prey.

What is beautiful about exploring Langkawi Island in Malaysia?This check-in location will bring many interesting things for you. (Photo: @ shakhmetova.perizat).

In addition, this destination has a great attraction for tourists also because Langkawi Island is an area in the duty-free area, so when coming here, it will be very cost-effective, but you can see many beautiful and charming scenes. .
The most famous in this archipelago are the beautiful beaches of Pantai Cenang and the Kuah Town. Therefore, when visiting this island you must definitely visit the two famous places above.
If you travel to the island by ship, you will arrive at Kuah Town first because the pier is located in this area. In addition, if you fly, you will visit the Pantai Cenang area by the airport in this area. Both of these famous tourist destinations in Malaysia are only about 20km apart. Therefore, it will be very convenient for visitors to travel and visit both locations.


What is the best season for Langkawi tourism?

It has a mild climate and is clearly divided into two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. However, the rainy season here takes place very quickly. Because rain often comes suddenly and in a very short time. Therefore, just like that you can travel to Langkawi Malaysia whenever you want? As long as you can arrange time and work, it is always the right time for you to explore this beautiful archipelago.
The weather here is very pleasant and especially not too hot. Therefore, you absolutely can come here to experience and have an interesting vacation without worrying about the weather affecting your health and your itinerary.

The ideal destination for vacation in Langkawi

The list of destinations below will help you not to waste any moment in a trip to explore this beautiful Malaysian island of Langkawi ?


Experience the longest Langkawi cable car in the world

This is the longest cable car system in the world. It is located at an altitude of 950m and certainly when sitting on this cable car system, you will be able to see the entire beautiful archipelago. This will be the best place for you to discover the overall beauty of Langkawi island from above. Therefore, visitors coming to this island must definitely join the Langkawi Cable Car service  to get the clearest feeling about this place.


Visit the famous aerial bridge in Langkawi

What is this bridge so special that so many people love? You try and will know? The special thing is the feeling of walking on the unique aerial bridge here. This will be an interesting challenge for you to see the beautiful scenery of Langkawi Island.
If you travel to Malaysia with your other half, this is really the ideal place for you to go on a date. Because the romantic scenery here will bring you a beautiful dream-like date that everyone wishes to be together with their loved ones together in a beautiful setting.


Eco park in Langkawi

This is an Unesco recognized eco park and coming here to explore will have many surprises for you. You can walk to see the lush Bogak forest or gaze at the images of funny monkeys playing. In particular, those who love to explore and learn about the ecosystem, this place will be the perfect choice that you should not miss during this travel.
Hopefully the sharing of Malaysia's Langkawi island above will help your trip in this island nation be more convenient. Certainly, you will feel very excited when you want to immediately pick up your backpack and go to this beautiful island to rest and explore. Certainly, this trip will be extremely meaningful when you are traveling with your loved ones. Because the beautiful natural scenery of this island will help you foster the love and attachment of everyone together.