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About the culture and people of Switzerland

Switzerland, which is known as the heart of Europe, is a small country with a population of only 7.7 million people, with beautiful natural landscapes, and a place of culture. same characteristics. Swiss culture and people are always fascinating things that urge you to come and explore.
Switzerland is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, a dream destination for many people. Referring to Swiss tourism , people will remember special things, such as a lake country, a paradise on the ground, a country of luxury watches, with famous cheese and chocolate. Besides, Switzerland is also one of the places with the best education in the world, training extremely elite people. The image of Swiss culture and people always brings the best feelings for those who have ever come here.

1. Discover something about Swiss culture

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and is bordered by other countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Thanks to that , Swiss culture is very special when there is a mix of cultures of the above countries, which is reflected in diverse languages.
The Swiss language of communication is very diverse due to the cultural exchanges with neighboring countries, as well as the introduction of people from many other countries to live and work here. Specifically German, French, English, Italian, and Latin as well.
Each language has different ways of exchanging and expressing, forming different communication cultures. Thanks to its racial and linguistic diversity,  traveling to Switzerland will give you the opportunity to explore, learn more interesting things and more languages.
Swiss culture is characterized by extremely diverse characteristics, expressed through traditional customs that have the interference and connection with European countries. Switzerland belongs to Western European culture, so it is easy to see some features through Swiss architecture such as castles, fortresses, ancient churches built in Roman, Gothic, Broque style ...

About Swiss culture and peopleUnique Swiss architecture

Switzerland is a country with many significant contributions to human culture through the heritages of literature, art, architecture, music, science ... For that reason, Switzerland is the tourist destination. Across the country, there are about 1000 museums preserving cultural heritages and values.
There is a very special thing in Swiss culture, which is the appearance of the Alpes - Switzerland's highest mountain range and an icon when it comes to this country. Do you remember the work "Little Heidi", which has sobbed so many children's hearts all over the world, the mountains of the Alpes all year round, the white and majestic snow has entered the minds of many people.
Due to the characteristics of the climate and natural landscapes, in Switzerland there is also a culture of relaxation, skiing in winter, and a culture of mountain climbing, cycling, and hiking in summer. And one more thing impressive when talking about the influence of the Alps in Swiss culture is the Yodel singing and playing the harp. The image of an artist holding a guitar standing in the middle of the vast mountains singing Yodel is so impressive.

2. About the Swiss person

Referring to Switzerland is an extremely developed country, one of the top in the world. Switzerland does not have many resources to exploit, but where is it still becoming a powerful power and extremely rich? It is largely due to the quality and will of the Swiss people .
Correct and punctual culture
This is a virtue that shows discipline and strictness of the Swiss people , they always adhere to the absolute punctuality, work on time, appoint them on time. This also explains why their public transport systems such as trains, buses, taxis and so much more run very on time.
Perhaps that is why this place is the cradle of many famous watch manufacturing brands worldwide.
To explain why the Swiss are always punctual, perhaps because throughout history they have had to overcome the harshness of mountainous terrain to cultivate and build economically. The natural conditions and climate are difficult, so it is necessary to sow the seeds and harvest at the right time, otherwise there will be no food. Since then, a habit of working accurately and punctually in the Swiss character is formed .

Spirit of self-reliance, always do my best
To achieve the current success, Swiss people always carry in themselves the spirit of self-reliance and high discipline. Think of a country with extreme climates, no sea borders, nothing significant mineral resources, but why they are always rated by the World Bank as the richest and most profitable country. Per capita income always exceeds 40 thousand USD / year, it must be thanks to the best efforts of human beings.

About Swiss culture and peopleSwitzerland's wealth comes from self-reliance and hard work

Switzerland's too is a country that was not rich, but today it is extremely developed. Partly thanks to rational frugality. The Swiss have a simple personality, not arrogant, not boastful, showy, they always spend a deliberate and planned way.


Learning and discovering about the country, people and culture of Switzerland will find it so precious and admirable. And also formed a desire to set foot in Switzerland once in a lifetime to experience the most wonderful things firsthand.