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Experience the jungle in the city at the Royal Victoria Botanic Gardens

The Royal Victorian Botanical Garden is like the green lung of Melbourne Australia, and is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city. It is divided into two parts: Melbourne garden and Cranbourne garden.

An introduction to the Royal Victoria Botanical Gardens Melbourne Australia

The Royal Victorian Botanical Gardens play a leading role in plant conservation through biodiversity research, rare and threatened plant protection programs, and habitat research. This work is supported by programs that educate visitors about the importance of plants to life.

Located in the heart of Melbourne city , Royal Victoria Botanical Garden offers a green space away from the bustle of city life, where you can breathe fresh air and relax.
Spanning 38 hectares, the landscaped garden is home to a diverse and colorful collection of native and exotic flora species, creating a picturesque scene at every turn. There are over 50,000 individual species of plants and flowers here to give you a lot of interesting experiences.

Royal Victoria Botanical GardensThe landscaped garden is home to a diverse and colorful collection of plants

In addition to beautiful gardens, tidy lawns and exotic flower beds, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are  also an active mix, with so much more to get into, whether you're looking for one. A place to entertain younger family members or a quiet place to relax or experience culture amid a dazzling setting.
In a garden this large, you might be wondering what are the sights not to be missed. The first thing you can see is Guilfoyle's Volcano, a historic reservoir that was originally used to hold all the water needed for the garden. It underwent a restoration project after being no longer in use for 60 years and is now a beautiful area surrounded by low-water plants and has great views of the city of Melbourne.
The tropical greenhouses at the Royal Victoria Botanic Gardens are the perfect way to escape the chilly winter air thanks to the constant humidity. In this area, you will discover tropical plants from all over the world in a colorful and exotic display. You will see flora that you have never seen before, such as the spotted tiger Stanhopea; An orchard with large flowers.

Leisure activities in the Royal Victoria Botanic Gardens

Picnic: The gardens are the perfect place to hold a picnic, thanks to the scattering of peaceful, shady spots. Bring some bread and a drink, and find some peace and tranquility away from the crowd for a picnic in the warm sunlight.
Aboriginal heritage trek : This famous hike shows you the gardens from the original owner's point of view. Along the way, you will be exposed to the land's history while the knowledgeable Aboriginal guide shares informative snippets and stories about its heritage. Listen to the Kulin country stories and their use of traditional plants in both medicine and everyday life.
This tour is the perfect way to become one with the stunning local scenery that surrounds you while learning about the importance of Aboriginal culture in Australia. During the tour, you will participate in a traditional smoking ritual, an ancient custom that is said to have the effect of "cleansing", purifying the body.
Wildlife Encounters: There are many native species at home in the Royal Victoria Melbourne Botanic Gardens , so keep an eye out for black swans, rattles, koalas and macaws. The bird collection here is fantastic, but you can also get a glimpse of some of the local mammals and marsupial. These friendly creatures are filled with plants in the garden!

Royal Victorian Botanical Gardens - wildlifeA bear lives in the Melbourne botanical garden

Furthermore, the Royal Victoria Botanic Gardens have always considered its duty to keep conservation at the heart of their organization, so there are many ways you can experience when you visit the gardens. You can do this by attending one of their environmental seminars or such as the Annual Climate Tracking Walk, where you will seek understanding of the gardens and their impact. 
Fun place for the whole family:  If you're looking for somewhere to entertain the kids, head straight to the Children's Garden, specially designed for the younger members of the family. In addition to interesting devices to try out, there are also a variety of interesting things for kids to explore. This interactive area allows kids to build, dig, and play their way. The different areas in Children's Gardens are constantly changing to reflect the seasons.
Cultural adventures: During the summer months, the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne are the perfect place to experience culture, from outdoor movie screenings on longer evenings to theatrical performances taking place.
You might think that these gardens don't have activities in the winter months but think again as there is a range of activities suitable for the whole family throughout the year. In August, a Chocolate and Spice tour will take place, where you'll learn about all kinds of winter spices like cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom on this guided walk.
If the city's hustle and bustle is getting overwhelmed for you, why not try some of the world-acclaimed "jungle therapies" at the Royal Botanic Gardens this winter. This green remedy gained worldwide attention after it started in Japan. When the fever finally hits Melbourne, the Royal Victoria Botanical Garden is found to be the perfect place to bring the much-needed tranquility of your soul. Two hours of walking will help reduce stress and promote health, perfect for those who love nature.