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Korean travel experience discovers new and mysterious things

Travel to Korea - the most mysterious country in the world with many interesting things that always attract tourists to explore. The first sharing of Korean travel experiences below will help you have the most perfect trip.

Korean travel experience

Here is a sharing of Korean travel experiences : The best times, travel methods, hotels, places to visit and eat ...

The most beautiful time to travel to Korea

What time is the best time to travel to Korea ? The Korean climate is relatively pleasant, cool all year round, suitable for sightseeing activities. To enjoy the vibrant, vibrant atmosphere and learn about the unique Korean culture, you can come at the time of President Kim Nhat Thanh's birthday on April 15 or International Labor Day 1. / 5, Mid-Autumn Festival, August 15th, Lunar New Year, National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea September 9 and the founding of the Korean Labor Party on October 10. 

How to move from Vietnam to Korea

Korean travel experience you can go by road if you have a lot of travel time and want to save money, but if you want to move quickly, the plane is the best means. 
- By road: First you need to take a bus to Shanghai - Shenyang (in Liaoning, China), then take a bus to Dandong then to Tan Nghia Chau station (Korea) -> take the train to Pyongyang (capital of North Korea). This way of moving is quite time consuming, but will be cheaper than flying.
Aircraft: Fly from Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) or Tan Son Nhat airport (Saigon) to Beijing or Shenyang, and then buy an airline ticket to Pyongyang airport. Moving quickly, however, the cost of buying an airline ticket is quite high. 
- Transportation in North Korea: The transportation system in Korea is relatively developed, you have many different options such as: Taxi, bus ... Korean travel experience should be noted, though you will also need a travel document and only go to authorized locations, because otherwise you will be suspected of being a spy and causing trouble. 

Korean travel experience
Transportation in Korea


Hotels, motels in Korea

Korean tourism should stay at any hotel ? North Korea has many types of hotels to choose from depending on cost, while there are high-end and luxurious hotels equipped with restaurants, massage parlors, bowling alley, casino, billiards, karaoke rooms. ... Room rates range from 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 VND / night. Or more economically, there are hotels, motels in the city center only from 500,000 VND / night such as: Hyangsan Hotel, Yanggakdo Hotel, Yanggakdo Hotel, The Koryo, Pyongyang Hotel, ... 

Famous sights in Korea

Korean tourism should go where to play ? The famous tourist destinations in Korea are loved by many tourists such as: 

Kim Nhat Thanh Square 

Kim Nhat Thanh Square is located in the center of the capital Pyongyang, has a large area and is the first destination that tourists want to visit in Korea. Square is the place where parades are regularly held and many important events of the country take place. Currently, Kim Nhat Thanh Square ranks 30th among the largest squares in the world. 

Juche Tower  

The Juche tower is considered a symbol of Korean tourism , visiting this place you will see a statue of a sickle-bearer, a hammer and a pen, items attached to the Korean Workers' Party. In particular, when standing at the top of the Juche Tower, you will admire the beautiful panorama of the capital Pyongyang from above.  

Arch of Triumph (Arch of Triumph)  

What to play in Korea ? Khai Hoan Mon is 60m high and 50m wide, possesses elevators, handrails, rooms and scenic areas. The Arc de Triomphe was built to commemorate the sacrifices of the militia and the victory of the war against Japan from 1925 to 1945. If you are looking for a place to learn Korean history and culture , then the Arc de Triomphe is the ideal destination.     

Changbai Mountain (Changbai) 

Truong Bach Mountain is located on the border between China and Korea, the volcanic-shaped mountain with an altitude of 2,744m. What attracts the most tourists when coming to Truong Bach mountain is that at the top of this mountain there is a large crater lake also known as Thien Tri Lake, which possesses beautiful scenery.  

Myohyang-san Mountain (Dieu Huong Mountain) 

Korean tourism can not ignore Myohyang-san mountain, also known as Dieu Huong Mountain, which is famous for its scent attracting visitors. Visiting Dieu Huong Mountain, you can not only see the beautiful scenery, but also the scenery at the ancient Pho Hien temple in the 11th century. 

Delicious dishes and specialties should be enjoyed in Korea

What to eat when traveling to Korea ? You will discover Korean cuisine with typical delicacies such as grilled duck, kimchi, kimbap, cold noodles ... 
Bulgogi: A grilled dish commonly found in famous restaurants in Korea , is often used in winter. Bulgogi is made from meat seasoned with spices, then grilled on a charcoal stove for a delicious taste. You can eat Bulgogi with vermicelli, white rice or many different delicacies.

Korean travel experience

Kimchi: A familiar dish in daily meals of Korean people and is also a specialty that many visitors love. This dish is made from pickled cabbage, cucumber, ginger, bean powder, garlic, chili ... fermented with a very delicious and sour taste, served with baked goods, cooking soup.
Corn porridge: A corn porridge is often used in a familiar Korean breakfast. If you still do not know what Korean specialties to eat , corn porridge is an attractive dish that you should not ignore.
Cold noodles: Korean tourism can not ignore the famous cold noodles also called naengmyun, which is cooked from potatoes, buckwheat and wheat. Cold noodles are also a familiar dish in daily meals of Korean people, if you have the opportunity to visit this country you should enjoy this traditional dish to feel the same taste. 
Injo Gogi Bap: Korean street food made from leftover soybeans with sauce and rice. You will see the image of street food stalls selling Injo Gogi Bap which are very popular with tourists.
Soju: Soju is made from a local specialty rice, and is also a popular wine in Korea. Soju is often used to accompany barbecue, pubs and is chosen by many tourists to buy as gifts. 
If you are not sure how to go, where, what to play, what to eat when traveling to North Korea, please save the above Korean travel experiences for your next trip.