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The state of Ticino - the only Italian-speaking land in Switzerland

Ticino Switzerland is a very special land for visitors because it is not only located in the southernmost part of the country, but also the only Italian-speaking state here with its unique cultural, language, lifestyle and cultural features. 

The historical land of Ticino Switzerland

History and old legends tell that the Swiss Ticino was originally composed of Ticino or Tessin. There used to be many prehistoric people who lived in this area, so far there are still many archaeological relics and remains untouched.

The history of Ticino has gone through many ups and downs from the Roman period to the war against the nomads of the North as well as the period of struggle against the oppressive system of the lords that lasted to the Renaissance and experienced the From 1600, 1700 until the time of the Napoleonic Empire, this land was gradually imposed by the laws of most other European countries.

The state of Ticino - the only Italian-speaking land in SwitzerlandTicino is a peaceful and warm pearl of Switzerland.

However, in 1803, under the notice of the government of Napoleon, Ticino or Tessin were annexed and become a land in the federal Republic of Switzerland, separated and completely uncontrolled by politicians. Northern Italy is different as before.

About the Swiss state of Ticino

As a country with a relatively modest area, Switzerland owns the most beautiful landscapes in the world, from the snow-covered towns like a Zermatt fairy-tale dream, the Blausee Pearl Eye Lake to the village. Beautiful as a fairy-tale like Bettmeralp, ... It can be said that in this country, every countryside is an attractive landscape picture that everyone must admire. That is why traveling to Switzerland is the dream of many tourists.
Ticino is actually one of the 26 states in Switzerland and is located in the only Italian-speaking region of the country most famous for this expensive watch. The state capital of Ticino is located in the city of Bellinzona. The name of the state is named after the Ticino River. It is also the only Swiss state where Italian is the only official language.
Ticino Switzerland is bordered by Uri to the north, Valais to the west (passing through the Novena pass) and has a border with Graubünden to the northeast. It is bordered by Italy of the Piedmont and Lombardy regions to the south and it surrounds the small Italian enclaves of Campione d'Italia. With such a special position, together with the regions of the state of Graubünden Ticino create the area called Switzerland Italy.
Ticino is known as a "land of culture", with many interesting experiences for tourists. Whether you choose to visit Ticino Switzerland on your own or go on a Swiss tour , you will also be satisfied by the romance but equally exciting and exciting that this land brings. It is also the capital of music and food and is a great destination for outdoor sports such as cycling, boating on the sparkling lake and the red-roofed villages. 
In addition, coming to Ticino, visitors can also experience the feeling of walking, walking through the Alpine valley, exploring the ancient castles or visiting the green-shaded resorts.

How to move to Ticino?

The most convenient way for visitors to reach the Italian-speaking land of their native Switzerland, where the Ticino River flows through is by car or train. It is particularly interesting that this place is only 30 minutes from Milan because most towns in the state of Ticini are located on the train lines from Milan (Italy) to.

The most suitable travel time

June is the time just before the peak tourist season begins in many European countries in general and Switzerland in particular. This is also the time with the best weather, but the number of tourists is less crowded and the price is also more reasonable than in other seasons. During this time, you should start traveling to Ticino as soon as possible as the closer to July it will be.
Moreover, Ticino's climate is more pleasant than in other parts of Switzerland. Winter in Switzerland is beautiful but not without extreme. Ticino is not too cold like Interlaken or Zermatt town but has a lot of sunshine and higher temperatures, so not only in June, but just choose to come here in the months before the peak season, you will have a good travel experience. 

The most attractive sights in Ticino Switzerland

Ticino Switzerland is known as the loveliest Italian-speaking land located at the southernmost tip of the country. Coming to this state, you can go along the road from the Alpine valley through Bellinzona to the three medieval castles of Locarno and Lugano and enjoy a beautiful vacation by the famous resort lakes of Southern Ticino.

The town of Bellinzona

Although in Switzerland, Ticino speaks Italian in the southernmost region, so it also has many special features about the culture and architecture of Italy as well as other European countries. It is not too difficult to understand that this land also owns rich architectural works such as Baroque, Romance and contemporary, ... The most notable name is the town of Bellinzona. This place owns many resorts in romantic sunny valleys such as Bedretto, Blenio, ...
Bellinzona has been recognized by UNESCO as a remarkable historical monument of mankind. More specifically, this place is also considered as the administrative capital, the location of the federal public agencies.

The ancient town of Locarno

Locarno is a charming old town with large palm hills. Every year, this place attracts a lot of Swiss tourists to visit the famous square Grande and Visconteo castle - ancient digging cannons built in the 12th century, the best is to visit the Madonna del Sasso church where Germany is revered. Virgin Maria. Every day there is a train ride up the mountain to bring Christians to visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rock, a unique religious structure built directly into the rocky slopes of this area.
Madonna del Sasso Monastery, also known as the Madonna del Sasso church, was built with Capuchin monastery located on the Locarno hill area, Switzerland. An ancient but extremely beautiful religious building surrounded by a large lake, full of sunshine all year round. This place was built to worship the Virgin Mary. This monastery is also an art museum that collects many rare art works of the world.

The state of Ticino - the only Italian-speaking land in SwitzerlandPeaceful town located on the banks of the romantic lake.

If you are a festival lover or are passionate about large-scale events such as music festivals and international film festivals, you cannot miss a trip to Locarno in Ticino. Because Locarno city is home to Locarno International Film Festival - Switzerland's most prestigious film activity, held in the 2nd week of August. Also, the jazz festival is called Estival. Outdoor jazz is also held here in June or July.

The town of Lugano

The town of Lugano is the only place in Ticino where you can see two mountains of Monte San Salvatore and the majestic Monte Brè reflected into the lake. Also, don't forget to experience a boat ride on the beautiful lake of Lugano in Morcote to enjoy absolute tranquility and relax after busy working days. In addition, in Ticino Switzerland, you can also visit the fishing villages of Gandria and participate in interesting activities with fishermen.

Lake Lugano

Although Lugano is not the only lake in the Ticino region, it is a place that many tourists look to when visiting this place. Located at the northern end of Lake Maggiore and extending from Italy into Ticino Switzerland , Lake Locarno embraces many beautiful villas and gardens. Especially Lake Locarno and nearby Ascona are connected by other lakeside towns in Italy and can be easily moved by trains.
Lake Lugano is a tourist attraction of Ticino. Visitors coming here can visit the lake on boats, watch the gentle slopes of the mountains create a wild and majestic feature for the scene.
Surrounded by mountains, Lake Lugano is also the heartland of the Swiss Ticino region Unlike many other regions of Switzerland such as the capital Bern , Zurich, or Basel, you will notice a different Ticino not only in terms of language but also in cuisine, architecture, culture and lifestyle. Lugano is also the name of the largest and most important town in Ticino.
Lugano is not only third on the list of Switzerland's most important financial, banking and business centers. This unique capital is also famous for parks, gardens, villas and religious buildings.
With an elegant Mediterranean climate, Lugano has the distinct strengths of a leading European city. Coming to Ticino Switzerland , do not hesitate to take a cable car ride up Mount Monte San Salvatore or Mount Monte Bre to admire the whole view of the river, lake, mountains and red-roofed houses here. . Then let's explore the colorful churches, cathedrals and Piazza della Riforma. At the end of the day, remember to try the typical cuisine of the people of Ticino and take a walk in the Lugano rental car to admire the amazing views here.

Lake Ascona

If you want to "live slowly" and enjoy every peaceful moment of the beautiful life, please visit Ascona Lake gently. Because here you will be spoiled for watching the clear water and visiting Brissago Island, an island located in the middle of a lake in Switzerland but strange in the territory of Italy. It is considered a park and a natural island, and is also the safest habitat for rare birds and butterflies in this area.
The state of Ticino or Tessin of Italy is the pearl of peace and warmth of Switzerland. Tourists love this land no less than charming capital Bern, vibrant Zurich or poetic Lucerne .
So from the 60-70s of the last century, many people chose this southern part of Switzerland to be a place to relax, camp or climb a mountain pass to explore the waterfalls. With a lyrical landscape that is not inferior to the majesty or wilderness like other places in the remote Mediterranean, Ticino has captured the hearts of many tourists.
If you are adventurous and love to explore nature, you should not miss the attractive outdoor activities in Ticino Switzerland such as mountain pass climbing, deep forest bangs, waterfall bathing, sleeping tents, eating barbecue with Valley Maggia.
If you like to have fun, shop more endlessly and especially want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of clouds, lakes, vast mountains or gentle movement such as traveling by cable car, Ticino also has enough destinations.
This land does not have the towering mountain peaks all year round, the beautiful ice snow like Interlaken but owns immense natural meadows, many fresh lakes, especially the Locarno city cluster, Ascona next Great Lake Maggiore. The beauty of romantic nature, fresh climate and gentle scenery always eclipse travelers from afar when they have the opportunity to visit Ticino Switzerland .