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Capital Bern Switzerland - not magnificent but has its own charm

The Swiss capital Bern is quite small and modest compared to other European capitals, but there is still a reason for those who are passionate about travel to come here. Old and peaceful Bern, with a very unique charm!
Not as busy as Zurich nor a political and diplomatic center like Geneva, the peaceful capital Bern located in the peaceful year-round Aare river is a different highlight for the country of Switzerland.

"Bern" in German means bear, so it is not difficult to see adorable bears appearing on flags, logos and scattered throughout the city. Bears also become the mascots that bring luck to this city. Not many skyscrapers, the first impression that the Swiss capital Bern Switzerland brings to visitors is still space, ancient domed houses, small streets covered with cool trees.

Capital Bern SwitzerlandAn ancient corner of the capital Bern at night

Peaceful features of the Swiss capital Bern

After 800 hundred, the city underwent many skin changes. There appeared the shadow of expensive cars, crowded shopping streets. However, to preserve the ancient space for this hundred-year-old capital, the people themselves do not like to use cars, instead, electric cars or bicycles are the preferred means of transportation for residents. 
Wandering on the streets of the Swiss capital Bern , you can easily see the shops and eateries with the basement below. In the past, these cellars were used to store wine, later renovated by local residents into souvenir shops, cafes….
Walking on the "lifeline" of Marktgasse, many visitors feel lost in wonderland. The two sides of the road are arched buildings that run long with shops and shopping centers close by. Thanks to these domes, even sunny days or pouring rain will not stop curious visitors. But perhaps the most impressive thing about the old town area is the handcrafted stone paved streets. The layout of streets from the Middle Ages with domes, fountains on the streets and ancient towers has convinced Unesco to recognize Berne as one of the world's cultural heritages, along with the magical cities.
As if to emphasize the meaning of the city's name, the Swiss capital Bern Switzerland has a real bear breeding area. The city's bear barn is at the end of the old town, and the cute features of the bears can melt the hearts of all visitors. Bear is depicted on the flag and emblem of the city and engraved on bronze bells and stone fountains. In the center of the city are bear caves, this is the place that attracts many tourists to visit.
As a free city, when Duke Berthold V died, with no heir, Bern was expanded to wider streets, stretching along the cape jutting into the sea. In 1353, Bern merged into the Swiss Confederation and became the capital of Switzerland in 1848.

The unique interesting things about Bern

Referring to Switzerland, many people must think of expensive watches made entirely by hand, and watches gradually become one of the symbols of this country. The Swiss are always proud that, Swiss watches are "the most accurate watches in the world".
The Swiss capital Bern also owns a very special watch, although its age has exceeded 800, but this watch still runs accurately and durable. It is the Zytglogge Clock Tower . Over 50 meters tall, the clock tower stands tall on Marktgasse. Built at the same time as Bern, the clock tower was originally used with the purpose of protecting Bern. Before returning to the original purpose of a clock tower, this place used to be a place for prisoners.
At exactly 12 noon, all visitors gather at the foot of the tower to listen to the chime ringing as well as the appearance of mischievous puppets jumping out of the clock face. Up to now, the clock on the tower has turned 827, but no one has been able to explain why after so many years it still runs so accurately.
Another attraction of Bern lies in the fountains. The most typical is the fountain Zahringer was built in the 16th century with the main material is wood. Although it has been a long time, this work still retains its original architecture.
Visitors to the Swiss capital Bern can spend all day walking on the paved streets of this place. Then, when the sunset appears, remember to stop on the Unterforbrucke Bridge. Crossing the Aare River, connecting the two banks of the city, visitors can feel a bit of peace at the end of the day, take in the grandeur of the Alps, catch the cool afternoon breeze and watch the river. 
If you want to enjoy Aare's clear blue waters? No problem, the Aare River is considered the "public bath" of Bern, no one forbids you to step down and dive in the cool water.

Capital Bern SwitzerlandBern in the sunset had a beautiful view

If you want to find a peaceful place, no motorbike smog, without the bustle of modern cities, Bern is the ideal destination for you. In addition, Bern is also very close to the tourist destinations of Switzerland . With just a few bus trips, you can easily move to Zurich city, Lucerne city or Basel.
Many centuries have passed, the Swiss capital Bern Switzerland still retains the ancient features and is a clean and beautiful city in Europe.