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'Soar' into a fairytale world in the Finnish city of Turku

 How do you see a medieval European town? Many people will think that it is a castle, an old church, a market square, a river bank. In Europe, there is an ancient capital that meets all the above criteria, which is the Finnish city Turku. 

About Turku Finnish city 

Turku Finnish city is an ancient capital that was formed in the late thirteenth century, and this is also the city with the oldest history in the happiest country in the world. Turku has many ancient, poetic beauty and a unique culture. In the past this land used to be a key population center in Finland. From 1809 to 1812, this was the first capital of the country of the old snowman. Today Turku is one of three major cities with an important economic and cultural position in Northern Europe.


Turku City Tourism Finland Finnish ancient capital Turku 


Turku ancient capital attracts millions of visitors by its medieval beauty and beautiful natural landscapes. In the summer, the city is filled with a festive atmosphere. You can join the space or you can go on a bicycle adventure, roaming the most famous streets.


Introduction to the Finnish city Turku (Photo: aindorea)
Cycling in the Finnish city Turku Bicycles are a familiar image in this city (Image: juha.rintamaki)


This beautiful city is the land of national and international festivals such as Turku Jazz, Ruisrock, Medieval Market, ... Not just a Turku ancient city, now also a busy shopping center, is a culinary paradise, enjoying luxury coffee and vibrant nightlife. trip to Finland is not complete if you don't take your time here.


Highlights in the Finnish city Turku This is also the place where many attractive festivals take place

Moving in Turku 

According to Finnish tourism experience , the best way to visit all the beauty here is to sit on the ferry floating on the Baltic Sea from Stockholm. In addition, there is a developed transport system, especially public transport. The bus can go to any corner of the city. 


Moving in the Finnish city Turku The transportation system here is evolving 


Beauty in the beautiful city of Turku

In the Finnish city of Turku , every corner to the scenery brings a sad beauty mixed with the bustle of the harbor - where boats and ships are busy from morning to night. Faintly somewhere is the flock of birds flying in the sky. This scene will definitely make your heart skip a beat for a few seconds.


Beauty in the Finnish city Turku The beauty here is tinged with time 


Along the Aura River, the romantic Plow River you can walk on the cobblestone streets dating back to the Middle Ages. This river is considered the heart of the city. In the summer, all over the river is a scene where many people gather to eat, listen to music and talk. On the banks of the riversides moored boats adorn the ancient city. 


shimmering beauty in Turku Finnish city The scene shimmering by the river 
Check in in the Finnish city Turku (Photo: victoria_telescu)


Coming to Turku Finnish city, you will feel a land that is both ancient, peaceful, magnificent and vibrant. When in winter, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful white snow rain like a wonderland. This is also a feature of beautiful European cities. 


Turku Finnish city on east Gorgeous beauty in winter in Turku
Festival in the Finnish city Turku Summer is the season of festivities 


The beautiful ancient capital Turku is praised for a very expensive "cultural jewel" as it owns many galleries, museums, and ancient villages that are preserved and preserved to this day. So there are many cultural features from many centuries ago that you can explore during your travels. The attractive places can be mentioned as: Turku Church, Luostarinmaki Handicraft Museum, Turku Castle, Pharmacy Museum, Kalamaki History Museum, ... 


Visiting Turku Finnish city (Photo: missfrancett)

Famous sights in Turku city 

Crossing the bridges, you will reach many of the top attractions in Turku Finnish city .


Turku Finnish city has many famous attractions This city has many attractive destinations 

Great church

The Cathedral is considered the most important religious architecture in Finland. It is a historical witness to many important national events. Now this work has become a symbol of the city's cultural tourism. The church is in Turku 's most central location , next to the Aura River and Old Great Square. Every year at Christmas, the cathedral holds very big events that attract many visitors to participate.


Works outstanding in the Finnish city Turku Great church 


Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Aboa Vutus & Ars Nova is a museum of contemporary art and history, a very unique cultural destination in Turku city . The museum is home to a fine combination of the old and the new, attracting visitors who love to explore medieval Finnish culture.


Museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku Finnish city Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum (Image: handelsson)


Visit the museum in the Finnish city Turku (Photo: nellamiamarie)


Food in the Finnish capital Turku 

Although it has become a vibrant culinary center, but in Turku still preserves the nostalgia in culinary culture. This city will provide visitors with a series of wonderful restaurants and eateries that stimulate the taste buds and make you want to visit a second time. Besides luxury restaurants, you can "enjoy" the food on the boats floating on the river.


Delicious food in the Finnish city Turku Just looking at it is enough!
Enjoy cuisine in Turku city in Finland The dishes are beautifully decorated


Experience a tour in Turku Finnish city and you will admire the breathtaking medieval beauty. In the journey to the happiest country in the world, this is a very unique stopover.